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               CHASTITY AKA WEEZIE                           1 YEAR OLD MAY 2007

    Chastity had arrived. I remember    peeking into her crate and thinking that    she's going to be a handful. The other two little girls stood calmly in their travel crates looking back at me, but not Chastity, the puppy, the smallest of the three, she was already beating on the door with her front feet. She was ready for the world. I let the other two out first so that they could go potty and move away from Chastity's crate before I let her out. It's good that I did because she came out in a blur, she was a little, gray whirlwind-- a tornado. She ran around the outdoor kennel three times before stopping. I couldn't believe my eyes, when one of the other little girls got in her way she jumped right over the top of them. By now she was panting hard, with her little tongue hanging out; I needed to get her a drink and get her settled into her crate. Later that night I told a Col. Potter friend "That puppy is foolish."  You can imagine my surprise to find out while checking her tags the following day that she wasn't the puppy.

   In the days that followed Chastity   continued to live life with wild abandon. Freedom was like a drug and she was high on it. There were times that she would annoy the other little girls by insisting that they play with her, even the puppy got short tempered with her. There were times that I had to separate her from the other little girls for her own good; I had to save her from herself. At times she would run or jump until she would fall over. I realized that she was wheezing as much as she was panting. I nicknamed her Weezie after a friend of mine, not as an insult but an honor. On two occasions, she fell over in a faint, before I could get to her to help her, she would come to, jump up and start running or jumping all over again. I reported to Col. Potter Cairn Rescue how worried I was about Chastity. I even went so far as to tell them that I was afraid that freedom was going to be the death of her.


   It was decided that when she had her     first vet check we would ask the vet to    check her for a collapsing trachea. It didn't show on x-rays but she did have a lung infection and possibly an enlarged heart. She was sent home with medicine for her cough. When it was time for her to be spayed she was still coughing, but it was decided to go ahead and have her spayed. The other little girls were sent off to their foster homes while Chastity stayed behind with me for more pills and more tests. Chastity became quite the little socialite, the local animal shelter sent a    representative to visit her at Oz, and she   was the center of attention. No one could believe the steps that Col. Potter Cairn  Rescue was taking for Chastity's good     health and her future; few, if any, rescues  go to that expense.


   While Chastity was at Oz her vet held    some shot clinics there. Chastity thought that everyone had come to visit her; she loved all the people and all the attention that she received. During one of the shot clinics, I was called outside for a few minutes. In that short time Chastity had chewed the cord off of my cell phone  charger, leaving me without a cell phone    for a week.










   After the other little girls left Chastity    came into the cabin with me. She was      given run of the kitchen, but it was difficult    to keep her in the kitchen. In no time at all   she was jumping the baby gate in a single bound. 



     One day we packed up, leaving the cabin and heading for home, taking Chastity along. While at my home I learned that Chastity  could dig. I would put her on a tie out cable and before I could get to the porch she would have a hole dug-a huge hole. You  could bury a VW in it. I would tell her, "No dig", and go out and move her away from her hole, but before I could get back to the porch she would have another huge hole dug. No matter how hard I tried I could never get her to stop digging. She loved the feel and the smell of the earth beneath her feet.

    CHASTITY DIGGING ANOTHER HOLE                                                                   Chastity loved being covered with dirt. Since I lived on a lake, I would take her down and let her wash the dirt off by going for a swim. She loved swimming. When she would tire and start panting I would have to pick her up and lift her out of the water, but she would struggle to get back in. Swim time was never long enough for her; thankfully Chastity's foster home had a pool. 


   Every now and then I would take Chastity for long weekends when her foster family needed to leave town for business. She had spent so much time with me that I thought it would make it easier to let her one day be adopted. I'll never forget the day that a Col.Potter matchmaker called me and told me that they had found the perfect forever home for Chastity.  I was on my way back from Oz with Chastity when the matchmaker called. She was so nice and took the longest time telling me about the family; they were perfect for Chastity. I tried so many ways to figure out how I could keep her. I loved her so much. Yet I knew my home wasn't the right home for her, my Cairn girl was jealous of Chastity and fought with her. Since Chastity could jump the baby gate I had to keep one or the other crated while the other was out. Still, I really had to fight the urge to run with her back to the cabin, like they would never be able find her there.

   To this day I still see Chastity everywhere that I look, at Oz, at my home, even at my daughter's home playing with my granddaughter.





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