The Oz Project




    Little Lynne arrived at Oz in October of 2007. She was so cute and tiny compared to the little boys and the adult female that arrived with her. Right from the beginning  I felt that I needed to protect her, so she quickly became my baby girl. Each time that I would take her out to go potty or play I would stand over her and guard her. After all she needed me. I soon learned that Oak wouldn't bother her so I could take her out to potty with Oak and then go back in and get one of the other Ozkids. I found it hard to trust Maple alone with her,  I didn't want him picking on her. After standing over and guarding little Lynne for about a week I knew that she needed to play with the little boys. Play is very important, that's where and how puppies learn to get along with other dogs. I helps them find their place in the world. She would never learn these things if I kept protecting her from other dogs. In fact it might even teach her to be afraid of them. Even though it was hard, I had to let little Lynne learn these things. Making it even harder was that Maple the oldest little boy had appointed himself king and was a bit of a bully. He seemed to enjoy bumping into her and and sometimes even knocking her off her little feet. If that weren't bad enough, soon he encouraged little Oak to tease her too. After Maple bumped her, Oak would run at Lynne and bark, growl, and snap the air as he ran by. Time after time I watched the two little boys do this. I soon realized that it was a game. They were playing follow the leader. Maple would lead and Oak would follow. They would do it  four or five times and tire of it and go off and play with toys or each other. Together the two of them annoyed little Lynne constantly. I only stepped in if I felt they were getting too rough, and I was afraid that they would hurt little Lynne. I hoped that one day Lynne would learn to play their game. After their game was over they would settle down and I would run to the outside facet to get them fresh water. One afternoon I had just gotten out of the kennel with their water dish when behind me I heard blood curdling screams and yelps. My heart fell right out of me. Oh my God! They're tearing little Lynne up! I threw the water dish down and turned to run back to save her. When I turned around I couldn't believe my eyes! Lynne was screaming alright, but they weren't screams of pain...They Were War Cries! Little Lynne had taken all that she was going to take. She had transformed from Little Lynne into The Warrior Princess! She was screaming at the top of her lungs, while running Maple and Oak down. She was slamming into them with her nose and knocking them right off their feet! When one went down she chased the other and took him down, all the while screaming at the top of her lungs  As soon as they got up she would she would slam into them and knock them down again. The two little boys were running with their tails tucked  between their legs, looking over their backs at little Lynne, screaming, yelping, and crying like little two little sissies! There was a change in hierarchy that day. King Maple was no longer king. He had been dethroned by a Warrior Princess half his size! As for Oak, he was just happy that peace had returned to the kingdom of Oz.





   Little Lynne soon picked up on keeping her crate clean while Oak struggled. I realized that he needed to be taken out for potty first while Lynne waited, but she was a puppy and could only wait so long. If I let her walk to the outside kennel she couldn't wait that long, she would squat and go potty either in the crate room or as we went through the pole barn. I started carrying her because it was faster that way. I would pick her up and she would sit on my hip facing out as I held on to the front strap of her harness. She would sit there bouncing along with her little feet bouncing up and down on my arm. I soon learned that she was a demanding little cairn snot and had learned a lot while playing with the little boys. If she felt that I wasn't moving fast enough she would slam me in the nose or mouth with her nose. I was sure it hurt me more than it did her, more than once it brought tears to my eyes. I quickly learned to keep my face away from hers. One evening after supper I ran Oak outside and returned to take little Lynne out. As I'm taking her outside I could smell puppy poop and I was sure that she had pooped in her crate while waiting for her turn to go outside. The closer that we got to the outside kennel the stronger that the smell got. I was sure that I hadn't gotten her outside soon enough and that she had pooped in her crate and stepped in it or sat in it. When I got her outside I sat her on the kennel platform and checked her little feet and lifted her tail to check her behind. There was nothing there! I knew I would have a crate to clean. It was just getting dark and I decided to turn on the cabin porch light while Oak and little Lynne played. Just as I entered the cabin I felt a huge sneeze coming, one of those that knock your socks off. I always carry a hanky in my coat pocket for just that kind of thing, that's about all the pockets are good for because the elastic that held them closed wore out years ago, now they hang open and everything falls out of them. This sneeze wasn't going to wait. So I quickly reached into my pocket to grab my hanky, and when I did, Oh My God! I plunged my hand into warm puppy poop! Talk about shocked...that little cairn snot had pooped in my pocket as I carried her outside. Well, I certainly wasn't going to use that hanky to cover my sneeze! After I got over my shock I laughed until I cried. In fact days later when I tried to tell Col. Potter's VP of Intakes about it I still laughed until I cried.  Puppies are so much fun! 





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