The Oz Project

The Ohio Cities Kids

   The Ohio Cities Kids arrived one cold winter's day in March of 2007. I got the call from Col. Potter's VP of intakes asking if Oz was open. I said yes. I had not been there for a couple of weeks but I thought that I would find it pretty much like I had left it. Not so. When I got to The Oz Project I found the neighbor had plowed the snow from his driveway into the mouth of ours. I Immediately called the transport driver to let her know what had happened,but she was well on her way to Oz with three male puppies and one young adult male cairn. It was too late to turn back now, so together we worked out a plan. I would go up to the pole barn, get a sled and pull them up the driveway to the pole barn.

    Having my two cairns in their crates with me, I decided to get them up to the cabin while waiting for the transport driver. It was then I realized that the sled was too narrow for their crates, I would have to find another way to get the Oz Kids to the pole barn. I had already dragged the sled all the way to the car, so I hooked my two cairn kids to the sled and started loading it up with my supplies. Together they dragged my food, clothes, forty pounds of dog food, and a microwave oven up to the cabin. It took a couple of trips but they got it done!


   While getting the supplies to the cabin, I got a call from one of Col. Potter's volunteers who had helped pack the little rescues for their trip to Oz. She told me that they had tried to put two of the puppies in a crate together to save space on the transport, but they had gotten into a terrible fight. They tried to put two different puppies together, and that too ended in a fight.  No matter which puppies were put together, they would fight, and they were really trying to hurt each other.


   Putting our heads together, we came up with a new plan. I took a pair of my husbands boots for her, and a huge plastic tarp to where she was parked on the road waiting. Together we loaded the Oz Kids two at a time, along with towels and bedding onto the tarp and closed it with snap rings; we tied a rope onto it for a handle, and together we dragged them to the pole barn. 


    When we finally got all the kids' crates to the pole barn, we let them out into the indoor exercise area. The puppies came out first; one at a time they cautiously crept out of their crate. They were so happy to see their new surroundings and there didn't seem to be any problems.

   Then we let out Cleveland, the young male. When the puppies saw him they went crazy. They chased him around and around jumping on him, nipping him and hanging on. He looked like one of those dogs in a circus, and they were riding him like little monkeys. Poor Cleveland! He was bewildered. He didn't know what to do. One thing that he didn't do was fight back; it seemed he knew that they were just rude puppies. From that time on I called him "Grover who is sweet all over."



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