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The Ohio Cities Kids Adventure

     A few days after the kids arrived it was time to take them in for their first visit to the vet. They needed to have a vet check. There they would be tested for heart worm  and have their ears and eyes looked at. The vet would listen to their heart and lungs to make sure they were healthy enough to have their first shots. Since this would be the first time in their lives that any of the Ohio Cities Kids would see a vet it was important to get them there.

    It was a beautiful day. The sun was shining and the snow had started melting. The car was still down by the road. The snow was still too deep to get the car up the driveway. So once again I dragged out the big green tarp and started loading the kids two at a time into it. First I loaded CinCee and Toledo and started on the long trek down to the car. They bumped along behind me. It was a rough ride but they never barked or even whimpered. They were being so good. When I got halfway down the driveway I could see a big dog wandering around between me and the car. I had never seen this dog before and had no way of knowing if it were friendly. I started worrying, no praying; "God, don't let the puppies start barking and draw that dog's attention to us. Don't let it know that there's puppies in this tarp." When I got to the car I quickly loaded CinCee and Toledo into it. The big dog wandered closer and watched with some interest. I don't think that it even knew that there were puppies in the crates. I sighed with relief and started back up the driveway to get Grover and Ronnie.




    When I got back to the pole barn I loaded Grover and little Ronnie into the tarp. This time it would be slower because Grover was a big boy and he was heavy. Once again I started dragging the kids down to the car, bumping along behind me. I was hardly on my way when I hit a big bump. Ronnie started barking and yelping. I found myself thinking "Oh great! There's no way that the big dog isn't going to know that there's puppies in this tarp."  This time I started praying "God, make him stop barking and carrying on." 

   The further we got from the pole barn and the closer that we got to the big dog the louder Ronnie got. Then I really started worrying. I started making a plan to protect the kids in the tarp from the stray dog." When I get to the car I will reach into the back seat and grab the ice scrapper. If that big dog gets too close I will use it to protect the kids". I didn't need my plan. When I got to the car the big dog was still there. I could see that it was no threat to me. It had moved closer just so it could see better what was going on. There it sat watching me. I opened the tarp to load the kids into the car. I was afraid that maybe little Ronnie had gotten hurt. He was still screaming and carrying on, but he was alright.  It was Grover that had taken the big bump. His crate had tipped over and there he sat sweetly smiling up at me. I carefully tipped Grover's crate upright as I loaded him then Ronnie into the car. I threw the tarp into the car and off to the vet we went. Hours later when we got home the snow had melted enough that I could get into the driveway and unload the kids at the barn.

What an adventure. The kids were worn right out and settled in their crates for a long nap.

Meet the kids in the tarp. Cincinnati, Akron, Toledo, and Cleveland.