The Oz Project

The Windy City Kids-LaSalle

   One day in September, a warm wind blew in four of the sweetest Cairn kid ever. These were very special kids that came from a retiring breeder who had spent her life dedicated to breeding Cairns. In the early years, she showed in conformation and did quite well, but advancing age and declining health forced her to make the very difficult decision of finding new homes for her beloved Cairns. She was unable to give them the attention they deserved, so she contacted Col. Potter to make arrangements to take her much love and prized Cairns. It was my honor to welcome them to Oz.


    LaSalle was the cutest little cairn girl and also the sweetest. Shortly after she arrived at Oz, I thought she didn't act like she felt good, and by the second day she refused to eat. I thought I should start bathing and grooming her for her first vet visit, but I didn't want to bathe a sick dog. Later that day I decided to just start some touch up grooming on her. I'm so glad that I made that decision because when I put her onto the grooming table I found that sometime during transport she had pooped and sat in it. It had hardened and made it impossible for her to go potty. Three times that day, I sat her in a warm tub of water for about twenty minutes and carefully cleaned away the hardened poop. Little Sally cried as I worked on her. That night she eagerly woofed down the boiled turkey and rice that I cooked for her; I was sure that she felt better. The following day she was taken to the vet for her first visit to get her shots brought up to date. She was running a temperature so the vet couldn't give her shots to her that  day, and it was decided that the day after her surgery I could bring her back in for them. So I took little Sally back to Oz and continued waiting on her hand and foot. That's when I started calling her The Duchess. She waited for me to pick her up and carry her everywhere that she needed to go.

   Soon I realized that she was very timid and shy, the world was so big and she was so small. It was a big step for her to come out of her crate and an even bigger step for her to stand up and walk. She would come out of her crate and crawl on her little belly. It hurt me to see her crawl across the gravel driveway so I would pick her up and carry her to the grass; once there she would crawl on her little belly. I began to wonder if she would ever get the courage to stand up and walk.


   One day, the officers of Col. Potter came to visit Oz and welcome the Windy City Kids into the family. Little Sally spent much of the day lying in the grass with one of the nice ladies. She would have lain in the grass all day if her brother, Caldwell, hadn't gotten tired of standing around on his leash. Finally to tire him out and slow him down a little, I asked him if he wanted to go for a walkie. To my surprise Little Sally jumped up and wanted to go too. 


   After that, there was no stopping the Duchess of Oz, little Sally was ready for the world. She enjoyed long walks, playing with her brother and the two other Windy City Kids, and she openly showed her affection for me by smothering me with kisses every chance that she got. Sally never stopped doing her belly crawl, and I soon realized that she loved doing her belly crawl, because she loved the feeling of the green grass on her little belly.


 Meet LaSalle's brother Caldwell