The Oz Project

           Welcome To Oz

   The Oz Project was began in the summer of 2006. Being  members of Col. Potter Cairn Rescue Network since 2003, my husband and I began to see the need for a clean, safe, and warm place to bring some of Col. Potter's little rescued cairns.

   We contacted Danielle Rackstraw the founder of Col. Potter Cairn Rescue Network the largest cairn rescue in the U.S.A.. In fact it is larger than any cairn rescue in the United Kingdom from where these wonderful, intelligent, loyal and loving little terriers originated.

   Putting our heads together we came up with a plan. We would build an intake center for Col. Potter. There cairn terriers could be brought directly from puppymills, and backyard breeders. They would stay at The Oz Project for two weeks where they would be cleaned and groomed while being vetted. Many of these cairns have never had a bath or been groomed. 


                  ELDER'S FIRST BATH




   Most have never seen a vet. They have never received any shots to prevent illnesses, heartworm preventives, or maintenance.



   Most have never had clean water,     fresh food or enough of it. Most have   never known a clean crate, fresh air or grass beneath their feet. None have ever been loved. At The Oz Project all of that would change.


   In November of 2006 we welcomed    our first guests to The Oz Project. It had   to be one of the happiest days of my life.


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